VIDEO: Bull Jumps For Joy After Being Freed From Inhumane Conditions

Oh crap, this got to me. A cow named Bandit (correction – that would be a bull, forgive me I was an idiot when I first wrote this!) had been reportedly kept in inhumane, cramped conditions its entire life. A German animal rights group ( Gut Aiderbichl ) came in and could only rescue one cow in the barn, and Bandit was the chosen one. Watch how it jumps and scampers around, seemingly celebrating its newfound freedom.

Then there’s the incredibly well chosen music, and suddenly I’m feeling all the feelings.

The video isn’t actually new… it’s been around for a couple of years, but the viral world sets its own rules, and now it’s suddenly surging in hits.

Salad for me today.

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  • Brian, you should take the next step and go vegan! Not just salad today. Salad every day. And vegans eat so much more than salad anyway! There’s no reason in this modern age for animals to suffer. They bring us so much more joy as living happy being, our compatriots on this planet, than as slabs of meat on a plate. We have to realize that as a species and evolve! These animals have a right to live just like we do.

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