NEW TRAILER: Funny Girl Gets Pretty In New Film

Ever wonder what it would be like to be 100% confident in your appearance? No worries about a blemish on your face, or a love handle hanging over your jeans? Well, I really hope you have because my frail ego can’t handle thinking I’m alone in this… In any event, the new Amy Schumer film, I Feel Pretty,┬áhilariously explores the idea of confidence. In the trailer, Amy’s character, Renee, has a Soul Cycle accident (aka my biggest fear) and wakes up with the misconceived revelation that she is supermodel gorgeous. If we’ve learned anything from Schumer’s stand-up specials, we know that her pride in her flaws always lead to big laughs so this film should be uproarious.

Take a look at the extended trailer!

For more laughs, take a look at Schumer’s appearance on Ellen where she dressed as a baby, and then promoted the film. An obvious choice. Enjoy!




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