TRAILER: Incredibles 2 Looks Like A Super Sequel!

Someone grab me my super suit, because I am flying to the theater to see this one. After 14 years of much anticipation, Incredibles 2 finally has a release date! Coming to theaters June 15, 2018, it looks like the Parr family is picking up right where they left off. Super heroes are still illegal, but a new business tycoon is looking to change that by bringing “supers back into the sunlight.” Elastigirl is chosen to lead this new campaign, which has Mr. Incredible at home with dad duty.  The star studded cast is back to voice the heroes with Craig T. Nelson as Mr. Incredible, Holly hunter as Elastigirl, and Samuel L. Jackson as Frozone. The film looks like a super way to start off the summer, take a look at the extended trailer!


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