BREAKING NEWS: Lucky Charms Announces Enchanting New Marshmallow!

“Heart, Star, Horseshoe, Clover, Blue Moon, Hourglass, Rainbow, and also Red Balloon!”

We all sing along with Lucky The Leprechaun as he dashes across our tv screens, keeping those pesky kids away from his Lucky Charms. For a decade now we have grown accustomed to the 8 standard marshmallow shapes in each box of the popular cereal, but change is a coming. The sand has run out for the hourglass it appears, as the shape has been bumped for something more whimsical…a unicorn! Somewhere there is a Starbucks rep maniacally laughing about the ripple effect his Unicorn Frappucino has had on the food world.

Josh Dewitt, marketing manager of Lucky Charms says the inspiration and creation of the new charm comes from the products youngest demographic, kids. Although, it is fair to say that the unicorn trend has been exploding, with the theme traipsing from the food world, to hair color trends, to clothing accessories and so on. Either way, the new shape is a cute, colorful new addition to the beloved brand and is sure to be a hit. New boxes are already on shelves so keep an eye out! As for the hourglass lovers…my condolences.

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