Viral Vid: Furby Organ…Not As Creepy As It Sounds

As an 8 year old child of the 90’s, I remember the year I wanted nothing more than a Furby for my birthday…much to my fathers dismay.  The Gremlin-like fur balls were the tech toy of the year, and made it onto everyone’s wish list. Well London based Youtuber, Sam Battle of Look Mum No Computer, has kept his Furby flame burning hot in his heart for all of these years. His latest pet project had him scouring EBay and thrift stores to find enough classic Furbies to construct a Furby organ, which is a step up from keeping the critters in a dusty attic next to the box of Cabbage Patch Kids and binders of Pokémon cards. In any event, the Furgan(?) took Battle 7 years and countless dollars to construct, but the final product is pretty impressive! So crack open a Pepsi Crystal and take a look!


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