MUSIC VID: Kelly Clarkson Debut’s Empowering Video For ‘I Don’t Think About You’

**Me anytime Kelly Clarkson releases new music**

There will always be one true, original American Idol and that is Kelly Clarkson. Back in 2002 there was a cute, Texan girl with chunky highlights and a powerful voice who auditioned for a new show called American Idol. That girl went on to not only win the whole shebang, but also become a hugely successful pop singer who has grown into a household name. After 8 studio albums, dozens of Top 10 singles, Clarkson is still proving she has the chops to keep America cheering her name. Today, she released the music video for her latest single “I Don’t Think About You,” from her latest album Meaning Of Life. The video depicts several stages of Clarkson’s life, particularly the times when negative influences seemed to burden heaviest. While the lyrics suggest the song is about someone you once cared for, the video broadens the scope and shows that the song is truly about letting go of all the emotional baggage you accumulate from all the dark influences around you. Clarkson herself says “‘I Don’t Think About You’ is the moment you realize something has no power over you anymore.” Preach.

Take a look and listen to the empowering number below!





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