AWWW: This Is Practically A Scene Out Of ‘Bee Movie’

This adorable video is sure to get a lot of buzz…get it? Bee humor.

When Fiona Presly found an injured bee in her garden she never thought she’d develop such a bond with the “wee” creature. ‘Queen Bee’ lost her wings due to a degenerative virus that is found in certain bee species. Presly felt compelled to nurture the fuzzy insect, even going so far as to build it an indoor habitat. The pair became inseparable, with Queen Bee becoming so comfortable she would even sleep in Presly’s hands! The story is so cute I am sure a Bee Movie 2: Fiona’s Garden is in the works. Take a look at the heartwarming video below and remember to save the bees! Seriously guys….they are the reasons for avocados.


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