VIRAL: This Egg Is More Popular Than Kylie Jenner – Instagram Said So

It’s a sunny side up morning for this egg that just became more popular than Kylie Jenner!


On January 4th the Instagram account World_Record_Egg posted the above image with a caption asking the internet to help make the post the most liked in history. Well users scrambled to make this a reality and with over 25 million likes the egg is officially the most liked post in Instagram history. Former title holder, Kylie Jenner, was hard boiled to have lost her crown, after-all her birth announcement only garnered a mere 18 million likes. Jenner took to the Gram to express just how she felt about this egg-citing new competitor.


All yolks aside, it’s always fun to watch the internet rally to turn something viral. The mysterious Instagram account has alluded to an even more elaborate plan stating “it doesn’t end here. We are only getting started.” What the shell could they be planning?

Oh these egg puns have me cracking up.

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