TRENDING: Woman Banned From Walmart After Reckless Scooting While Drinking Wine From A Pringles Can

I know Walmart’s slogan is “Save money. Live better” but it sounds like a woman in Texas decided to live the BEST life ever this morning.

According to The Times Record News, around 9am on January 12,2019 police were called to the parking lot of a Walmart in Wichita, Texas. The reason? A woman had been riding around the parking lot in an electric cart since 6:30am. Oh…and she was DRINKING WINE FROM A PRINGLES CAN THE ENTIRE TIME! Some may frown upon her etiquette but I am applauding her ingenuity. You can fit a lot of wine in those cans!

No name or photograph of the canned culprit has been released but police have officially banned her from the Walmart…which is unfortunate because they have the lowest prices on the canned chips.

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