Michael Bublé Hands A Security Guard The Mic And What She Does Next Will Astonish You


PGTW was alerted to the singer’s name and it is Anitra Sharon!

There is talent all over the world just waiting to be discovered but I don’t think Michael Bublé ever suspected there would be some so close to his stage.

There are only a few times in life where reality seems more like a movie. One of those rare instances happened at a Michael Bublé concert earlier this week. Over at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, CA, Bublé was treating fans to his velvet voice and undeniable charisma when he thought he’d pass the mic to a security guard just off stage. No one in that entire arena would have guessed that this woman could not only sing…but she can saaaaannngggg. The guard’s rendition of the classic “At Last” is absolutely breathtaking. The entire video warms your heart from start to finish. Take a look below!

Anitra is no stranger to the microphone though. A quick YouTube search will show just how much talent this security guard has hidden underneath the vest! Click here to see for yourself!

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