VIRAL: Little Boy Tries To Train His Google Home Even Though He Doesn’t ‘Know His ABC’s’

A young, Newfoundland boy has a tireless, one-sided conversation with a Google Home and I am immediately reminded of the time I tried to teach my mom how to use emojis.

The very patient and thoughtful young boy spends the majority of the two minute, viral video trying to get permission from the Google Home to train it. The adorable conversation doesn’t go very far but our young hero remains persistent.

“Can I please train you because you don’t know what stuff is?” he asks. Trying to use reverse psychology he then tells the Google Home that maybe it could train him since he doesn’t “even know my ABC’s.” The poor kid is sent into a panic when the Google Home responds by saying “there is a problem here” but that’s also when thing get even funnier.

I smell the beginning of an epic Sci-fi trilogy here.

Chuckle along with me (and the videographer who can be heard giggling from behind the lens) and click below!

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