TRAILER: The New ‘Child’s Play’ Movie Looks So Chuckin’ Scary

The new Child’s Play movie launches Chucky into the 21st century for some technologically advanced terror.

After watching this trailer, you may be packing your bags and heading to Amish country because Child’s Play looks like a technological nightmare brought to life. In the reboot of the classic 1988 film, Buddi Dolls are the toy on every child’s wishlist because their connection to technology allows them to truly become your best friend. These new and improved Buddi Dolls come complete with an app that links the doll to every electronic device in your home…enter updated, terrifying plot twist! When a young boy’s Buddi Doll, Chucky, becomes corrupt, he goes on a killing spree that promises to be even more gory than the film’s original!

Mark Hamill voices the murderous Buddi Doll, Chucky, as the film stars Gabriel Bateman as Andy, Chucky’s 13-year old owner, Aubrey Plaza as Andy’s mom and Brian Tyree Henry as the detective investigating the strange string of murders. The film is set to release on June 21 and you can bet I will be avoiding toy stores for the entire summer.

Check out the frightening trailer below!

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