Randy Rainbow Declares Himself A ‘Cuomosexual’ In Hilarious ‘Grease’ Parody

Andrew Cuomo can govern my state.

New York is one of the areas most affected by the coronavirus outbreak. The case count rises everyday which is scary to even the toughest New Yorker. Luckily, among the chaos and concern there has been a beacon of raw sexual magnetism…I mean hope…and it comes in the form of New York State Governor, Andrew Cuomo. The governor has been making headlines for his calm, effective communication and strong leadership qualities. He also made headlines for potential nipple piercings but that’s not so much gubernatorial as it is something I’ve stored in a very special compartment of my brain. Social media has taken notice of Governor Cuomo as he trends daily with people claiming him as their new crush. Well in his latest video simply entitled “ANDY!”, Randy Rainbow takes his crush one step further and declares himself a “Cuomosexual.”
Parodying the classic “Alone At A Drive-In” from the movie Grease, Randy musically expresses his gratitude to the governor. The witty lyrical rewrite definitely resonates with us New Yorkers who are swooning just as hard as Randy is:

“Andy, can’t ya see I’m in quarantine. A nervous wreck, and scurred as heck of COVID-19. You bring hope when I can’t cope… If we’re on Earth, for what’s it’s worth, I hope they make you king. You run my state, while I gain weight, with grace and dignity.”

“The way you manage to lead and inform without scaring the living s*** out of me, or straying from the facts, and still find time to nurture my delicate spirit… You’re wise level-headed, eloquent, and sexy in a time when the country needs it most.”

It’s not surprising that the video has gained almost 2 million views already. Randy of course, is no stranger to be going viral. His other coronavirus related content, “Social Distance” and “The Coronavirus Lament,” have garnered millions of views each in mere hours.

We definitely need the laugh during these troubling times. And if we can drool and smile at the same time, even better! Take a look at the hilarious “ANDY!” video below!

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