Crazy Or Cool?

James Franco Will Not Rest Until We Are All A Little Perplexed By Him. Now His Butt Is A Cover Model.

We've seen him on magazine covers in drag, act well in good movies, then appear as a recurring character in Soap Operas, and even teach a class about himself for an LA college. Now, he's posed with his bare butt for a magazine cover. Yeah, really, just a big shot of his butt. Click the link for the actual photo.

VIRAL VIDEO: Human Slingshot Looks Crazy, Scary, Fun.

This video of a human slingshot looks insane. Someone had to be the first person to try this out, and I'm sure glad it wasn't me. Watch as emotions run from pure terror to delight as riders are pulled back from bungees by an ATV until they just can't hold the person anymore, and they go flying through the air.

THIS EXISTS: For The Woodworking Enthusiast, Build Your Own Casket!

I don't know exactly what category of pop culture this falls under, but SHEESH. There's a point when being fiscally responsible doesn't really matter anymore. When you're DEAD, for example. That said, for those who love workworking, or just love to plan ahead, here's where you can buy the plans to make your very own casket! Check out the comments on the product page!