Crazy Or Cool?

VIRAL: 86 Year Old Restaurant Columnist With Dead Serious Review of New Olive Garden

An adorable 86 year old woman was not trying to be funny when she wrote a review of the new Olive Garden in Grand Forks, North Dakota, but her sweet, serious analysis of the experience, ("My server was ready with Parmesan cheese.") and rave review - has gone viral. SO viral that a news crew followed up with her, and in her words "I don't get it." You HAVE to read this review!

VIDEO: Dad Gets Revenge On Daughter’s Facebook Post Slamming Parents.

You will either love this or hate this. A dad who found a parent-bashing post on his daughter's facebook page gets back at the girl by taping a video response to all her gripes, then posts it on her facebook page for all her friends to see. Watch as he reponds to her claim that she shouldn't have to clean the house, since they 'have a cleaning lady for that.'

Charlie Sheen: “I’m Not Crazy Anymore” But Does Anyone Believe Him?

Charlie Sheen has had one hell of a year. He went on binges with prostitutes, drunks and alcohol, he got kicked off his own show, and he went on a country-wide tour with a stage show that solidified the fact that something was wrong up there. But after all that, Sheen now says he’s back to reality!

Hanson Strikes While The Iron Is Cold.

Remember the musical group Hanson? Their infectiously catchy son "MmmBop" got stuck in the public consciousness'. In 1997. It only stands to reason they would create a beer named after the tune 14 years later. Call it a hangover in judgement.