Seriously… do not try this. Do NOT try this at home.

Internet personality Glozell is funny just being Glozell. When she decides, at her fans’ request, to do ‘The Cinnamon Challenge,’ the results venture into pee your pants hysterical.  ‘The Cinnamon Challenge’ is a crazy dare that has become a viral video phenomenon. It involves a person trying to swallow a tablespoon (that’s plenty) of cinnamon without vomiting , exhaling, or inhaling the powder. There are countless videos of people trying to do this, unsuccessfully. (Why, I ask… why?!? This looks and sounds really unpleasant.)

Whether Glozell, who herself is a viral phenomenon, is fully aware of what to expect from herself in undergoing the cinnamon challenge is hard to say… but either way, her reaction (and excessive dosage) is enough to make you laugh, and glad you’re not her. Don’t be scared – she won’t vomit – but she will certainly provide a visceral reaction. Sure, she’s probably hamming it up. I don’t care. I think it’s hysterical!

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