Behind The Scenes

BEHIND THE SCENES VIDEO: Making The Amazing Spider Man Lizard Fight Scene

For The Amazing Spider Man, director Marc Webb and the visual effects artists at Sony Imageworks. created some scenes that were entirely computer generated. Take this high-action fight scene between Spidey and a huge lizard, which is set in the high school. Here, even the high school environment is completely animated. Watch this cool docu-video about how they put it all together.

COOL VIDEO: Behind The Sounds Of The Avengers.

Sound Designer Christopher Boyes goes 'behind the masks' to explain the incredible superhero sounds from The Avengers. From the resonant sound of Captain America's shield to the distinct sound from a movement of Thor's hammer being picked up, dropped down or thrown - and the amazing combination of voices that ended up being the screams of The Hulk.

VIDEO: What Happens When You Check Your Suitcase

What happens when you finally surrender your suitcase to the airline and check it? In this video, a suitcase outfitted with six cameras shows you. Mind you, the video was shot and edited by Delta, so let's assume that folks were on HIGH alert for the tender care of this bag, or any hurling of luggage was edited out.

America’s Next Top Model Finale Shocker!

In a reality TV world where few finales have tried and true shockers, the final episode of America's Next Top Model All Stars managed to surprised everyone. Not just because one of the three finalists was suddenly out of contention, but because of Tyra and the cast's strange vagueness about why.