VIRAL CUTENESS: Bulldog Pup Tries To Walk

It's hard to imagine a bulldog being this small. But here it is - the latest viral star is a two week old bulldog figuring out how to walk for the first time. It's already got a quarter of a million views!

VIDEO: Jimmy Kimmel’s Brilliant Holiday Prank

Jimmy Kimmel asked viewers to tell their kids that they could open ONE present early… But he told the parents to make sure it was a TERRIBLE present. The parents did - wrapping things like an old banana, a bottle of juice, or a half eaten sandwich. Then, they videotaped the kids' reactions. It was priceless.

Gaga Reinterprets Santa’s Workshop For Barney’s

Lady Gaga is continuing to spread her unique perspective across platforms like never before. Barneys New York has announced that they will be collaborating with the artist this season on a project called GAGA’S WORKSHOP.