Movie Previews

MOVIE PREVIEW: The Monsters Inc. Prequel Looks FUN!

File this under WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG? Pixar and Disney look like they have another winner with Monsters University. It's been 12 years since the first one! John Goodman and Billy Crystal are back, and so is the gorgeous animation and signature wit that makes Pixar films so special. Take a look!

VIDEO: “Rabbit Fever” Is An Ironically Funny Must-See Documentary

Who knew!? There is a huge subculture of people obsessed with rabbit shows. And so, because no one has done a documentary on these people yet (we are running out of documentary subjects, aren't we?) we now have "Rabbit Fever," which looks like a very funny kind of "Best In Show" type of doc, except these people are real. Check it out... it looks hysterical!

VIDEO: Muppets Parody Paranormal Activity, Puss In Boots, Happy Feet and Twilight!

I'm may be more eager about the upcoming Muppet Movie than a grown man should be. But how can you not be amused by their preview trailers!? This one has them mocking their competition - creating parodies of Paranormal Activity 3, Puss in Boots, Happy Feet 2, and my personal favourite, the next Twilight movie. VIDEO:

2011 Summer Movie Preview!

The season of big movies has begun! Here's a look at some of the big ones movie fans are waiting for this summer ... along with their movie trailers. It's going to be a great season in the cineplex!