WATCH: Reporter Expertly Blocks Two Girls From Kissing Him During Live Report On Boston Bombings

It's not uncommon for pedestrians who think they're funny to ambush a live reporter. But this guy, respecting the seriousness of the matter, was in no mood for the hijinks of two girls, physically pushing them away during his live report on the Boston Marathon bombings. Then, without missing a beat, he continues with his report!

WATCH: Chinese News Reporter Goes Viral When She Interrupts Her Wedding To Report On Earthquake

Chen Ying is a viral sensation and a beautiful bride. We know this because she stopped everything in the middle of her wedding day to report on the earthquake that rattled China just days ago. She rushed to a camera location so quickly that she didn't take the time to change out of her wedding dress.

VIDEO: Kathy Griffin Unapologetic About Her Risqué Moment On CNN

In this funny video, Kathy Griffin talks to David Letterman about her, um, 'suggestive' moment during CNN's Live New Year's Eve coverage with Anderson Cooper, in which she makes some suggestive gestures. She even mentions David during the coverage - so you can see Griffin knows how to stir up a little controversy!