FUNNY VIRAL VIDEO: ‘Invisible’ Driver Drive-Thru Prank

Online jokester Rahat is famous for tricking the employees of drive thru windows. In this one, he rigs a seat so it looks like the car is pulling up without a driver, and watches the fast food workers completely freak out. The results are hysterical. This one went viral quickly!

HYSTERICAL VIDEO: Hidden Cameras Capture Gym-Goer’s Reactions As Babies Receive “Personal Training.”

The controversial commercial uses hidden cammeras to capture the priceless reactions from gym-goers when a personal trainer shows up to coach little babies of lifting weights and running the treadmill. The patrons are definitely confused and NOT amused. Whew... it's all a ruse for a Belgian ad for a breakfast cereal!

FUNNY VIDEO MONTAGE: Posing For A Photo Not Knowing It’s Actually Video

We've all had it happen - posed for a 'photo' only to realize later that the camera was set to VIDEO. Awkward, especially when we go back and see us standing still and smiling like a dork for four seconds. Well, some genius has compiled tons of those awkward moments of people standing still in dorky poses - and it's surprisingly hilarious.

VIDEO: Basketball Fans TP The Entire Court In Season Opener!

In an awesome game tradition, fans at a John Brown University game totally envelop the court with toilet paper after Brown's first score against Hillsdale Freewill Baptist. In an instant, the entire court is blanketed in an oddly beautiful stream of toilet paper. Endless bathroom humor jokes are possible here. I have to wonder how long it took to clean this up!