VIDEO: There’s A Very Good Reason Pink’s “Try” Video Is A Viral Hit

Pink is a great interpretation of the modern day rock star. Strong in vocals, message and physicality. People raved about her amazing performance at the VMA's - (see below!) and now they people are going nuts over her video for her single "Try." Watch the two performances and you'll see what. She's pretty much a tour de force right now.

FUNNY VIDEO: Will Ferrell Receives Mark Twain Comedy Award. Will Ferrell Drops and Breaks Mark Twain Comedy Award.

Only Will Ferrell would think of this! In a funny acceptance of the prestigious Mark Twain Comedy Prize, Ferrell drops and broke the award. Of course, it's staged, as you'll see, but part of Ferrell's gift is that even the things you know he's doing on purpose still manage to be funny.