Oscar Winner Jim Rash Hysterically Mimics Angelina Jolie While Accepting Award!

Jolie Jim Rash 2Not a word was spoken, but Oscar winner Jim Rash had the audience roaring when, just moments after Angelina Jolie announced that he had won an Academy Award, he mocked her strange pose on the stage.

Jolie had taken the stage to announce the winners for both Best Original and Adapted screenplay. The first thing the world probably noticed was just how skinny she looked. (Damn, I could floss with those arms!) Any buzz about that was likely replaced by seeing her strike an almost comedic pose: hand on hip, leg jutted out revealing her right leg, peeking out from a thigh high slit in her gown. She let out an odd chesty laugh for no apparent reason as she adjusted her posture. Then, she announced the nominees.

The winner for best adapted screenplay were the writers for “The Descendants.”  They included Alexander Payne, Nat Faxon, and Jim Rash. Moments after taking the stage, Rash immediately assumed the same pose Jolie had taken just moments before. The audience laughed, perhaps a little awkwardly – because EVERYONE KNEW what he was doing, without speaking a word. It was truly hysterical.

Rash is not only an Oscar winning screenwriter, he’s also an accomplished comedic actor you may have seen on Community, That 70’s Show, and even the final episode of Friends. He’s also a member of the Groundlings who describes himself as ‘the inspiration for Manimal.’ Clearly, this is the kind of guy you want at your Oscar after-party. This man is funny.

Rash later told the Associated Press: “It was just an impulse … I was just standng there and I thought–” (he then paused during the interview and stuck his leg out.)

Now he can add two more things to his resume: Academy Award winner, and ‘the guy who mocked Angelina Jolie and avoided Brat Pitt for the rest of the night.’ (gaining countless new fans in the process!)

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  1. I have been meaning to write about something like this on my webpage and you gave me an idea. Thanks.

  2. Personally i do not like the two faces she shows. She is all glammed up for pictures and events, lives in a huge mansion with servants, and then poses in dull garb with the poor and needy.

  3. Jim Rash got it right – Hollywood (and by extension the public) has got to stop taking itself so seriously; like they are the be-all-and-end-all. They’re all just entertainers in the end.

  4. @Cuka Martin says:

    @Cuka Martin – aren’t jokes supposed to be funny? What was she mocking? Clearly she was mocked by Rash – and we got that. But if she was joking it was so inside that it really couldn’t be a joke.

  5. That woman is a total narcissist – horrible, over indulged & has gotten away with all sorts of crap. This performance of hers at the Oscars just goes to show that she hasn’t changed at all – the massive publicity machine that’s tried to sell her to us as a saint is bogus! She reeks of self absorbtion – Brad Pitt deserves what he’s got coming his way – these two are about to implode & it aint going to be pretty!

  6. Lighten up folks. Jolie was joking. She struck a pose in jest–and even laughed. PLEASE folks, get a sense of humor. Give her a break. So many haters out there. Jolie is the reigning Queen of Hollywood and she looked gorgeous. So bashers take a pill. Next!

  7. It was a pretty tame joke, and thats all it was, a joke. Anyone whos not uptight or crazy can tell, I bet even Angelina found it funny.

    Also whats with it being ok to make disparaging remarks about thin women now ? How do you think you’d look if you commented on other actresses being fat, oh I’m sorry, fat is the new F word, we say plus sized now.

    The joke was funny and anyone who noticed Angelina weight probably has an issue with it because they havn’t seen their feet in a while.

  8. Let’s not look past the un-natural posture it took to strike that pose and recognize she deliberately flaunted her dress and physique. She pursued attention, and got what she asked for. I don’t know if his timing was tactful, but I think he expressed visually what alot of people were thinking… “Really, you need to stand like that?”

  9. Brillian Jim Rash…absolutely brilliant!!! Bravo!!
    That “throaty laugh” she did was just a “look at me, aren’t I just so hot”
    for him to do that was the best thing I’ve seen at the Oscars in many many years.
    An imaginary tip of the hat to you Sir.

  10. “Posture Adjustment” is the new “Wardrobe Malfunction”.

  11. Angelina was asking for it. She got what was coming to her.

  12. I caught how awkward and odd it was from the moment Angelina posed. She was trying way too hard and it didn’t go over well. When that man appeared on stage mimicking her, I died laughing! When the camera went back to her right after for her to present the second award, I don’t think she looked all that happy. I think she tried to have a snappy comeback, but couldn’t figure out what to say and just moved on. I am still laughing…

  13. Oops! Witchcraft that is.

    Oh, and I’d love to hear Joan Rivers have a go at it! And Chelsea Handler! And that red head comedian (sorry I forgot the name!) who is awesomely funny.

  14. Jennifer Aniston definitely has the better body-especially her legs! To AJ publicist: She must be paying you some good money! You didn’t fool me with those fake ooh la la comments! How the heck did you get that job? You sounded so prepped. Real women don’t speak like that!! Ha ha ha!! Girl, keep trying.

    Brad needs to pay a visit to MFM ministries to get rid of that soul-tying, witcraft, captivity AJ put on him! Do it for the kids sake!!

  15. I kind of wonder if she was trying to be campy and funny, but she wasn’t a good enough actress (and takes herself too seriously) to pull it off. (Now if Emma Stone had done it, it would be obvious it was a cute joke.)

    Regardless, Jim Rash was hysterical.

  16. What Lumi said, Brian! Great article!

  17. Why not? She’s a queen, let her shine! She deserves it, she is a very decent humanitarian and always gives back. Keep showing us your leg, girl !

  18. Her skinny leg show…at her age and with her witchy looks was probably her sad last fling at getting some attention. Sadly that too back fired badly. One day when she is little older and hopefully wiser she will thank Jim for setting her straight.

  19. Anybody know if this was some inside joke on Angies part?? And, can’t tell with the black velvet, but is she pregnant again? Poor girl needs to gain some weight for the baby’s sake. Just sayin. Maybe she was making fun of someone else on the red carpet. Can’t wait till Joan Rivers has her say, I did like the dress, tho.

  20. Jolie was pathetic. He was spot on in his mockery. If you act like an idiot, you should be treated like an idiot.

  21. jolie the joke says:

    Angelina Jolie looks ridiculous in her desperate attempt to make her granny body look sexy. She has no class.

  22. Was he drunk or just probably the rudest man at the Oscars. Sorry he won an award.

  23. Heather Lynn Gibson says:

    She is sickly skinny! All of us girls would kill for her bod but the first thing I would do if I ever got her body would be to eat a steak and a gallon of ben and jerrys (and I’m a vegan). I’m really scared for her :(.

  24. its Dean-gelina Jolie

  25. The whole odd pose thing was egocentric, but come on it is better than making out with your brother.

  26. Hysterical and dead on!!!

  27. BrianBalthazar says:

    Thanks Lumi! The whole thing cracked me up too!! 😉

  28. That whole episode was hilarious. I caught it live…:)

    The way it was narrated here is also very funny..I laughed out loud. Thanks for the chuckle.