Jolie Jim Rash 2Not a word was spoken, but Oscar winner Jim Rash had the audience roaring when, just moments after Angelina Jolie announced that he had won an Academy Award, he mocked her strange pose on the stage.

Jolie had taken the stage to announce the winners for both Best Original and Adapted screenplay. The first thing the world probably noticed was just how skinny she looked. (Damn, I could floss with those arms!) Any buzz about that was likely replaced by seeing her strike an almost comedic pose: hand on hip, leg jutted out revealing her right leg, peeking out from a thigh high slit in her gown. She let out an odd chesty laugh for no apparent reason as she adjusted her posture. Then, she announced the nominees.

The winner for best adapted screenplay were the writers for “The Descendants.”  They included Alexander Payne, Nat Faxon, and Jim Rash. Moments after taking the stage, Rash immediately assumed the same pose Jolie had taken just moments before. The audience laughed, perhaps a little awkwardly – because EVERYONE KNEW what he was doing, without speaking a word. It was truly hysterical.

Rash is not only an Oscar winning screenwriter, he’s also an accomplished comedic actor you may have seen on Community, That 70’s Show, and even the final episode of Friends. He’s also a member of the Groundlings who describes himself as ‘the inspiration for Manimal.’ Clearly, this is the kind of guy you want at your Oscar after-party. This man is funny.

Rash later told the Associated Press: “It was just an impulse … I was just standng there and I thought–” (he then paused during the interview and stuck his leg out.)

Now he can add two more things to his resume: Academy Award winner, and ‘the guy who mocked Angelina Jolie and avoided Brat Pitt for the rest of the night.’ (gaining countless new fans in the process!)

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