John Travolta: Hair Today, Gone To Maui.

The whole Hollywood pressure to be perfect, protect your image thing can suck so much that if you listen closely you can actually hear it sucking. But in a sense, you just have to take the good (million dollar payouts for movie roles) with the bad (a paparazzo taking a pic of you without your toupe.)

I’m surprised John Travolta would go out without his hairpiece on, but he did while vacationing in Hawaii, and natch, was photographed. It’s not that he really needs to wear one… he looks great without it, in fact. But when you’ve seemingly gone to such great lengths to be sure you always have one, (Even though the length sometimes has changed drastically from one event to the next) it seems odd that a person would let it slide one day.

Especially when the photographers are never far from view… evidenced by this photo, which was posted on The Superficial, and subsequently blogged, reported, you name it – everywhere, well, the jig is officially up.

Time now to abandon the accessory for good, and just wear them when a movie role calls for a full head of hair… (and how often is that really the case?) Travolta’s acting speaks for itself – there’s no need to enhance it follically.

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