VIDEO: “Dallas” Hypes Premiere Date With Sneek Peeks And Interactive Games

Imagine living in a world where slapping someone across the face was not only acceptable, it was expected. That seems to be the case in the world of "Dallas" - both the original, and the new revamped version coming to TNT on June 13th. Some old favorite castmembers are back, including Larry Hagman, who hasn't trimmed his eyebrows since his last time on the series.

VIDEO: Grandma Reads Snooki’s Tweets

Nothing puts this crazy world into perspective quite like the realization that it all exists on the same planet as your grandmother, and that she has to co-exist with this kind of nuttiness. Behold, this funny oral reading of Snooki's tweets by a cute old grandma.

VIDEO: Check Out Kelly Ripa Way Back When!

It's amazing how these things turn up after all these years. Sometime between 1981 and 1987 there was a show called "Dancin' On Air" - a local dance show in the Philly area. At the time, Kelly Ripa was a bright eyed, head bobbin' cheerleader more than happy to bring on the cheer to her appearance.