Lindsay Lohan And Victoria Gotti Appear Together To Promote Gotti Film. In Financial News, Hairspray Futures Are Up.

Although this looks more like a vignette at Madame Tussaud’s, I’m assure you this is Lindsay Lohan and Victoria Gotti at a press event.

Even though Lindsay Lohan is still ‘in talks’ to appear in the upcoming film Gotti: Three Generations, it’s not to hard to see that they’re taking a fancy to her for the role of Victoria. The two appeared together at a press conference for the film on Tuesday.

Gotti has reportedly personally recommended Lohan for the role, and has stated publicly that her history of legal troubles doesn’t bother her. (Um, duh-yeah… when your dad was John Gotti, Lindsay Lohan may as well be Laura Ingalls.)

The film, which stars John Travolta as John Gotti, Sr. could be Lohan’s career redemption if she lands the part.  Her uber-publicized gig as Linda Lovelace fell through in the midst of all the drama this past year.

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