American Idol Audience: Only Skinny People Allowed In The Front?

A new kind of controversy is broiling in the American Idol studio. A young woman says she was moved back a few rows from her front row audience seat because she was too fat!

19 year old Ashley Kaufman 19 was at last week’s results show with friends. She and two friends were moved back… one of her friends was reportedly re-seated because she was wearing shorts, and Ashley herself, she claims, because she was too heavy.

“I was kind of taken back because the look on her face was just as if I was disgusting,” she told Good Morning America. “Honestly I didn’t think I was disgusting looking.”

The folks at American Idol released a rather cryptic statement about the issue being about seating arrangement, not looks, and defended her placement saying:

“…she and her remaining party were seated just four rows behind her friends, directly in camera shot, in some of the best seats in the house.”

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