TRAILER ALERT: A Good Day To Die Hard!

If you're looking for action on Valentines Day, Bruce Willis is happy to oblige. (Not THAT kind of action. MOVIE ACTION!!) Willis is back in the role that made him an international action star - with 'A Good Day To Die Hard." Check out the trailer.

POP INTERVIEW: Matt Brady on Working with Jessica Biel and Sundance 2013

Matt Brady produced Emanuel and the Truth About Fishes, a 2013 Sundance selection about a woman's increasing curiosity when a neighbor resembles her deceased mother. Before he headed off to the film festival, mingling with fellow filmmakers and countless goodie bags, he chatted with Pop about his uniquely captivating first feature film.

Weekend Preview for 7/13/12

Steven Panzarella prepares you for the weekend to come in new releases that include the 4th installment of a popular series and a paranormal thriller starring Robert Deniro and Cillian Murphy.


There's no shortage of films worth checking out this summer... here are thirteen summer flicks we're talking about right now... which ones we'll see, which ones escape us, and the trailers to help you decide for yourself!

MOVIE SUPERCUT: Here’s Looking At You

Film lover Clara Darko and her husband, editor Brutzelpretzel compiled moments from nearly 150 films that utilize the technique of having their actors look directly at the camera during pivotal scenes... in a video clip that lasts just give minutes.

VIDEO: Preview TOTAL RECALL Remake Starring Colin Farrell

More than twenty years after the original was released, Columbia Pictures is coming out with a remake of Arnold Schwarzenegger's sci-fi classic "Total Recall." From the looks of the preview, the film looks like it stays true to the original story, but also makes the best of some significant advancements in special effects and cinematography.

VIDEO: Dog Transfixed By Marmaduke Movie

Smitty is a beautiful golden retriever who happened to be at the right place at the right time when his owner turned on the TV. There on the screen was Marmaduke, the live action film where the dogs and cats all talk - their mouths all moving along with the action. (Owen Wilson voices Marmaduke.) Smitty. Was. Transfixed.

VIDEO: Tom Cruise Runs A Lot

Which is it - does Tom Cruise love to run in movies, or do moviemakers love to make Tom Cruise run? TIME Magazine put together a montage of Tom Cruise running that shows that one of these simply MUST be the case.