Magic MikeApparently the expression ‘Oh, keep your pants on,’ will not apply to Broadway when Magic Mike the musical hits the Great White Way. Director Steven Soderbergh and actor Channing Tatum are attached to the project, which will debut in 2013 and feature actual lap dances. For crying out loud.

Producer Gregory Jacobs told “It’s coming along, and there will be more about it soon.” Although we don’t know many details about the developing Broadway show, Jacobs did note that the experience may be interactive for audience members: “Oh, you definitely might get a lap dance . . . Absolutely. That’s happening for sure.”

The book (script) for the show will be written by Reid Carolin, who wrote the screenplay.

This may be one of the first shows where some people actually DON’T want the orchestra seats. (Still, a lot of people WILL.)

Who would have thought.