Kate Gosselin Seems Grounded And Sensible On “The Talk.” Did I Just Say That?

There must be somethin’ extra in my coke zero today because I’m listening to this interview with Kate Gosselin, who I often lambasted during the height of her tabloid fame, and suddenly she’s sounding sensible to me. Either she’s got a fresh new perspective or I’m softening up. Let’s just leave that alone and check out this byte from ‘The Talk” where she voices her perspective on the Miley Cyrus/Billy Ray Cyrus controversy… and how he wishes the show had never happened for her. Let’s also be grateful she’s not dancing.



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  • Her kids will be more messed up than Miley, Lindsey, Corey, and all the kid stars from the past. 8 lives RUINED so this woman can look her best and get her evil mug on TV.

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