Lady Gaga’s Racy Ad Campaign

A racy Lady Gaga shoot is raising eyebrows  – and at least one media outlet is sounding the inappropriate alarm.

The photos, which will appear in Purple Magazine, were taped for a behind the scenes video, which has been posted on YouTube.

They show Gaga modeling for celebrity photographer Terry Richardson (who also shot the controversial “Glee” pictures for GQ last year) …  and the Lady is seen doing all sorts of sexy-wexy (depending on your perspective) posing with little clothing, wet and tight clothing, or just unusual clothing… but the tone is most definitely seductive.

What’s causing the commotion is a brief shot where a male toddler is in a photo with the artist. She is not nude or topless in the photo, but rather a highly accessorized bra and underwear look. (It happens just after 45 seconds in.)

Bear in mind that the video itself is a bit on the racy side for work – although there is no full-on nudity (well placed hands and such) – it’s at the level of ‘wet t-shirt contest’ inappropriate.

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