CAUGHT ON TAPE: Son Shows His Mom Video Of Her Sleepwalking. Hilarious!

A young guy who also happens to be a video blogger caught his mom sleep walking... well, also sleep-dancing, and talking about tomatoes while in a drowsy stupor. The next day he showed her the video, and videotaped her response. She's mortified, and an incredibly good sport, since both of them are laughing through the embarassing horror of it all.

AWESOME VIDEO: Grandson Surprises Grandfather

Real life is always better than fiction. A boy's grandparents live in Germany while the boy's family lives in the United States ... the grandfather has some health issues, so he rarely gets to fly to visit his grandson. With the help of grandma, the boy and his family stage a secret trip to visit. The boy surprises his grandfather as a videocamera is capturing it all.

VIDEO: Kid Calls His Mom From Obama’s Limo. She Doesn’t Pick Up.

It was a once in a lifetime experience. President Obama's limo pulled up to a pair of young kids - and let's them use his official car phone of the president to call ANYONE they want! They call their mom. She doesn't pick up. Yes, they left a voicemail. Somewhere that woman is really bummin' today. And trying to figure out how to save that voicemail forever. The video is here:

Natalie Portman Has a Baby Boy!

Congratulations to Natalie Portman!  The Academy Award-winning actress and fiancé, Benjamin Millepied are the proud parents of a new baby boy! The story was...