If You Need A Reason To Smile Today Then Watch This Little Boy Thank His Mama Each Time She Gives Him A Snack

A pint-sized reminder to be thankful, mama.

Sometimes you just need to take a moment to appreciate all the things the universe has given you. And when you are two years old your mom is your universe. Well Grey, the star of the TikTok account greyandmama, is definitely thankful for whatever falls into his hands…literally.

In a compilation video, Grey’s mama passes a variety of snacks and treats to our “fav Viet/Korean 2 yr old” and is met with the most adorable gratitude. Little Grey almost always responds with an enthusiastic “thank you, mama” and will not walk away until he hears a “you’re welcome.” The boys cheery disposition and refreshing manners has won over the hearts of the account’s 2.2 million followers. And rightfully so! Who couldn’t use a refresher on manners these days!

Check out the entire compilation below!


You can follow all of Grey’s adventures on TikTok and Instagram.

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