PIC: Another Dad Gets Facebook Justice On His Kid.

Yet another parent has gotten revenge on their kid for getting too cocky on facebook. In this case, the teen had used some grandiose 'street' talk to describe himself. The father happened to walk by and see his kid's facebook account open, and had a little fun at his son's expense. And again, justice is served. The picture speaks for itself:

AWESOME VIDEO: Grandson Surprises Grandfather

Real life is always better than fiction. A boy's grandparents live in Germany while the boy's family lives in the United States ... the grandfather has some health issues, so he rarely gets to fly to visit his grandson. With the help of grandma, the boy and his family stage a secret trip to visit. The boy surprises his grandfather as a videocamera is capturing it all.

VIDEO: Best Wedding Reception Speech Ever.

Wedding reception speeches are usually long drawn out ramblings ridden with cliche well-wishing and romantic story telling. Not today. Enter this kid, who is pretty much just adorable and giving you an update on what's going on with him lately.

VIDEO: Inspiring Kid Catches Foul Ball, Gives It To Sad Kid. Karma Kicks In!

Amidst a group of kids fighting to catch a foul ball at an Arizona Diamondbacks game, Ian McMillan managed to catch the ball! Trouble was, another kid was devastated, burying his face in his mom's arms. As live cameras rolled, Ian gave the ball to the crying kid. THEN watch as karma instantly rewards this kid with amazing things!

VIDEO: Cat Endures Trampoline Ride With Enthusiastic Child.

Before you get all worried about the cat, remember that cats are nature's NO BULL$HiT animal. They literally will not do what they don't want to do. That includes being throttled around on a trampoline while a child wildly leaps into the air. Now enjoy watching this funny video as the cat is willingly lobbed around.