Jenifer Aniston And Smartwater Take a Crack At A Viral Video

Jennifer Anison has done a ‘viral video’ for Smartwater, and the reviews are not good. As in REALLY not good. says the video:  is, without an inkling of doubt, the single worst thing you will ever let come into contact with your eyeballs, forever.

From self-describing itself as “viral,” through its glib, Revenge of the Nerds-esque portrayal of “Internet boys,” to its employment of memes that are quite literally as old as the Internet, this video was clearly produced by people who not only lack a basic familiarity with Internet culture, but appear to be openly disdainful of the Internet and anyone who uses it.

I’ll be honest. I like Miss Aniston, but these writers didn’t do her any favors. And with that, enjoy:

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