Rebecca Black Answers Back on “Good Morning America”, Says People “Want Her to Die”

Wanna know why FRIDAY was pulled off Youtube? Click HERE to find out…

-by Mike Finkelstein

Okay, I got to admit, I may not like Rebecca Black’s “Friday”, but after watching this interview from “Good Morning America”, I do feel for the girl.

In the interview, Black says that since her song became viral, random strangers on the internet have said some horrible things, including they hope she gets an eating disorder, or even commits suicide.

Yes, the song is bad and auto-tuned, but after watching the interview, you really get the feeling that this is just a normal eighth grader trying to do something great and follow her dream.  And when you watch the interview AND the performance below it, you may get the same impression that I did…that she actually does have a decent voice for an eighth grader, and it’s the adults and producers around her who are just trying to make a quick buck and cash in on all the fame.

Make your decision below, and let us know what you think NOT about the music video (I think we’ve all agreed already on that…), but about the girl herself.

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