THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Ending is So Secret, It’s Still in Nolan’s Head

You know all those rumors going around about characters for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES?  Well now you will know that any rumors you hear you should take with a huge grain of salt.

According to Gary Oldman, who plays Commissioner Gordon, Chris Nolan has all details so secret that the ending hasn’t even been written down yet:

“To get into the production office, you have to have someone meet you and there are keys and various doors that lock. The script you read in the production office, and there is no ending because [Nolan] tells you the ending so that it doesn’t leak and get out, and people spoil it on the internet.”

Is it weird to say that I actually understand the level of secrecy on this project?  Everyone and their mother wants to know how the trilogy will end, and if anything slips out, all would be ruined.  All we know is Oldman says that Nolan “brings it back around”, aka the trilogy comes full circle.  So that’s got to be a good thing.

So who is up for pulling some INCEPTION on Nolan?  Steal or plant some ideas….

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