Hm…so it seems as if there’s a slight chance that David Arquette will get last minute redemption after all of his Howard Stern rants and time spent in rehab.

According to PopEater, Courteney Cox and David Arquette may possibly be reconciliating.  The two were recently spotted together at a Malibu florist, and were reportedly affectionate while at a press conference for SCREAM 4.

To fuel the rumors, Cox gave an interview on ‘Access Hollywood Live’, where she basically gushed over Arquette and pointed out that he looks better than ever after a recent weight loss:

“Now he looks the best he’s ever looked. He’s doing great. He’s just awesome,” said Cox. “He looks really, really cute.”

Yeah, that can fuel some rumors!  Well here’s to hoping Dewey and Gale could work it out!