Vanessa Hudgens Naked Pics Leaked…Again

I feel like I’ve heard this story before…Oh right, it’s because I have.

For the third time in almost as many years, naked pictures of Vanessa Hudgens have been leaked onto the internet, and this time, they’re a tad more graphic.

How graphic, you ask?  The latest set of photos show Hudgens flashing her breasts and kissing other girls, among some other…private things…

In 2007, when the first set of nude photos leaked, Hudgens said that she was very upset, saying,

“It was really tough because I’m a private person and for something like that to happen, it’s so mean.”

Many critics have pointed out, however, that the timing of each batch of leaked photos has generally coincided with the release of one of Hudgens’ movies: HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2 in 2007, BANDSLAM in 2009 and this month’s BEASTLY and SUCKER PUNCH.  Hmmm……

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  • Found this quote in a magazine. It explains a lot:

    “In 2006, Kayslee and Alexa were close friends of Vanessa, but they later drifted apart due to Vanessa’s work commitments (The High School Musical movies). Vanessa was especially fond of Alexa, even inviting her to star in her debut music video, to make up for the fact that she had been too busy to spend time with her…”

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