Designer Patricia Field Wants A More Colorful… Wait For It… Maxi Pad.

In our search for the most relevant, interesting, funny, post-worthy items to put on POPgoesTheWeek, we see a lot of stuff. Sometimes we come across something we wish we hadn’t seen – and then comes the tough decision: do we expose you to a bit of pop culture you might wish you hadn’t known about?

The answer is almost always unequivocally YES. And with that, I apologize.

Sex and the City fashionista and designer Patricia Field is teaming up with Kotex to put a splash of color on the Maxi Pad. (Listen, I didn’t make this up. It’s happening. If you’re one of those ‘what happens in the bathroom stays in the bathroom types, I apologize. It’s not my idea!)

You can go online and use patterns, brushes, even upload your own image (gross) to enter a contest to win the opportunity of a lifetime: working with Field herself to design new maxi pads.

The project is called BandtheBland. Men or women over 14 can enter.

Thanks for reading! I feel uncomfortable too. But from a pr standpoint, we’re talking about Kotex. I just said it: Kotex. Someone just got a bonus.

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