Rutgers Pays Snooki More Than Toni Morrison For Commencement Address.

‘Snooki’ and Toni Morrison

This. Is. Sad. Try and imagine what kind of advice Snooki might impart to our nations graduates. Then, consider that she is being paid $32,000 – two grand more than Pulitzer Prize winning author Toni Morrison – to speak to them.

According to, The Rutgers University Programming Association paid Jersey Shore‘s Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi $32,000 Thursday to speak to students in a 52,000-seat football stadium in May. Morrison was booked by the university itself, while Snooki’s booking was made by the student run committee. The money comes from the students’ mandatory activities fee. Way to go, kids.

The Jersey Shore star had a Q and A on Thursday where we got a taste of the wisdom that is to come. When asked to give advise to the students, she replied: “Study hard, but party harder.”
In some cases, you don’t always get what you pay for.

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  • I like millions of others enjoyed Jersey Shore when it first aired. I thought it was a great show funny, the kids were great, my two favs were Snooki and The Situation. But now I wouldn’t watch Jersey Shore if you payed me. All of the Shore kids are heading for disaster but Snooki and the Situation these two all i can say for them is the local Rehabs better get stocked up because these two will be checking in when their 15 min are up guarantee. Correct me if I’m wrong didn’t Andy Warhol say 15 min of fame? so why are they still here? As far as paying Snooki $32.K for her to say “Study hard Party Harder” and to see her feet dangle from the chair someone is going to be out of a job ya think. And as for the Situation I read an article in Life & Style magazine I thought this was a Hoot, the following is in The Situation contract for public appearances.
    1). Requires that he be greeted at the airport.
    2). Hotel and Venue.
    3. ) Be accompanied by Security at all times.
    4). The Situation must always be trade marked.
    5) No one is to make eye contact or have direct conversation toward the Situation.
    6) He also request (6) Bottle of Devotion Vodka. (which he also promotes). (24) cans of Red Bull. (2) Bottles of high end Champagne.
    7) 1st class security to keep out the grenades. (Yes it really says this in his contract SEE Story In LIFE & STYLE.
    WE DON’T HAVE TO MUCH OF AN EGO DO WE SITUATION.i hope MTV realizes what a mistake they made with this “Ego MANAIC IDOT”
    When Snooki and the Situation do come back down to earth it’s going to be a really bad SITUATION.

    Out of all of the Jersey Shore gang Pauly “Oh Yeah” D, is the only one that has his head on straight and will continue to have success after the cameras stop rolling.
    And last but not least the Life & Style article also reported that for the last 6 months The Situation refuses to show his abs. What a joke.

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