Behind Arnold’s Admission.

Despite lots of speculation and fingerpointing – (Will the real Arnold Schwarzenegger mistress please stand up?) It appears former housekeeper Mildred Baena is the one.

The question raised by many readers was the timing Schwarzenegger’s announcement – why now? reports that Baena threatened to go public with all the details of the scandal because Schwarzenegger – the Terminator, if you will – had terminated her employment as a member of her staff. and Star Magazine found “it was because Schwarzenegger fired his mistress from her job as a housekeeper in a desperate attempt to save his marriage to wife Maria Shriver.”

Radaronline also obtained Baena’s 2008 divorce papers, where she claims that she did NOT have children with her husband. (Despite the fact that she has a child, and on the birth certificate her husband is listed as the father.) Says Radar: “The man, Rogelio de Jesus Baena, is listed as her son’s father on the child’s birth certificate, but the child’s real father is Arnold Schwarzenegger.”

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