Lindsay Lohan’s Post Arraignment Twitter Behavior Is, Well… Odd.

After receiving a stern warning from a judge regarding charges she stole a necklace… she went home, maybew showered, then she hit the Twitter.

First, she tweeted this picture of her with Kanye West. (Way to align yourself with the poster boy for bad pr!) It’s unclear when the picture was taken – did she hit the clubs? Or did this seem like just the right thing to do?

The picture has already been taken down.

THEN, she tweeted a thank you to Dr Phil, who commented to the world how  moritifed he is that Lohan is getting attacked so soon after her return to sobriety.

Her response: 

“@drdrew thank you for your support.. I appreciate it”

Lohan was quiet and contrite today during her court appearance, where she plead not guilty of the charges against her.

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