Lindsay Lohan to Plead No Contest in Necklace Case

Despite her recent feelings that she’s being used as an example, Lindsay Lohan has decided to just move on from her troubled past and plead ‘no contest’ to her misdemeanor theft charges.

According to TMZ, the actress’ lawyer Shawn Holley is expected to go to the judge as early as this week to present the plea. Lohan’s trial date is currently set for early June.

Lohan has been sentenced to 120 days in jail and 480 hours community service stemming from a probation violation connected to her jewelry theft case. The actress and her lawyer are banking on the judge not throwing additional jail time on top of the plea, and the expectation is that she would serve possibly three weeks of her four month sentence  due to overcrowding.

Below is a clip of Lohan on “The Tonight Show”, talking about her sentence and wanting to move on with her life finally and get back to acting.  Maybe this will be the first step.

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