NeNe Incites “Ellen” Audience To Applaud Star Jones’ Firing On “Celebrity Apprentice.”

NeNe Leakes isn’t going to let her one woman tirade against Star Jones die! On the Ellen show, DeGeneres talked about NeNe’s continuing conflict with Jones during her run on Celebrity Apprentice. NeNe defended calling out Jones as a backstabber and a phony.

“I know everybody in hollywood knows I’m telling the truth. Now they (to the audience) may not know… but Hollywood knows.”

Ellen also pointed out that on a previous show, the studio audience applauded when she mentioned that Jones had been ‘fired’ from the reality show. Leakes seized that opportunity to incite the audience to applaud again! (efforting a clip.)

Meanwhile, Ellen showed a funny scene that depicted what Star Jones did after she got the ax. It’s clever! Check it out…

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