POP Video: In-N-Out Burger Hits Texas…You Won’t BELIEVE This Line of Cars!

I have heard people swear by the West Coast’s In-N-Out Burger.  Growing up in New York, we’d hear stories about how the legendary burger joint was 30 times better than White Castle (Don’t mess with the Crave…).

FINALLY, we took a trip to California for two weeks, and tried the burgers on our first night in San Francisco.  It was absolutely delicious, and we had In-N-Out three more times before we left.

Well now, In-N-Out Burger has extended for the first time ever from the West Coast over to two locations in Texas.  And as you could imagine, there was a bit of a response on opening day.

Take a look at this video that shows how long the drive-through line extends on opening day at 12:23, right in the middle of lunch hour.  Your jaw will drop, and you’ll have time to run to the bathroom, wash your hands, and grab something from the fridge all before the camera gets to the fast food joint…

I loved those burgers and the fresh cut animal fries, but I’m just happy it didn’t extend to the East Coast.  If it ever does, expect an all out West Side Story gang war between In-N-Out and my beloved White Castle….I expect it to go like this…

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