The Situation Ain’t Going Away Anytime Soon: He’s the Next “Jersey Shore” Star with a Spinoff Series

You can decide whether this is a good thing or a bad thing.

If you’re a fan of “Jersey Shore” and The Situation, fear not.  The man will be on MTV for a long time to come.

According to Variety, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino isn’t attached to any specific project right now, but has signed a development deal for some sort of pilot at some point this year.  He released a statement, saying:

“I’m excited to continue my relationship with MTV, which has been home for me for the last couple of years…I’m really grateful for all the support from my fans. Hopefully, there will be plenty more situations in the future.”

This is the third new project to be announced from the ‘Jersey Shore’ cast after two separate spin-off series, one featuring Pauly D and another with Snooki and JWOWW.

Soon, MTV will be called JSTV.

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