VIDEO: JACKASS Stars’ Tribute to Ryan Dunn

No matter what your opinion is on JACKASS star Ryan Dunn’s death, you have to remember that in the end, someone is no more, and that has a huge impact on the people around him.

MTV, friends and family of Ryan Dunn gathered on the Paramount Pictures lot this week for a moving memorial service for the late ‘Jackass’ star, and ‘Jackass’ co-star Rick Kosick cut together a touching montage of Dunn’s best moments.

An original song was written in Dunn’s honor by Johnny Knoxville’s cousin, Roger Alan Wade, that plays over the second-half of the video.  Knoxville commented on their relationship and “The Light Outlives the Star”:

“Ryan was really crazy about my cousin Roger…He loved his music and really looked up to him. Rog’ was equally as crazy about Ryan and, like everyone else, was shook by his passing. Rest in peace, brother. We love you.”

Check out the video below, and take a moment to remember the one and only Ryan Dunn.

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