VIDEO: Jimmy Kimmel Pays Tribute to Uncle Frank

Last night was a very special night for “Jimmy Kimmel Live”.  It was their first official show back from vacation, and it was the first show to be broadcast since the death of Jimmy’s beloved Uncle Frank.

To honor the man that loved his job so much and gave us so many great skits, Jimmy dedicated the show as a tribute to him, and in his opening monologue alone, left us in tears as he started saying:

“Listen, I’m gonna try to do this without crying, but I’m probably gonna fail…but just turn away or something, because it’s embarrassing. It really is.”

And a few minutes later, he did exactly that.  Check out the video below to see the touching tribute.

Uncle Frank’s plan “was to live to 103. He wanted to be the oldest living retired police officer in New York City, not because he wanted to set a record or be in the paper; he just wanted to stick them for another 25 years of pension checks.”

If only…Uncle Frank Potenza was 77 years young.

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