Alec Baldwin as Your New York City Mayor? Maybe…

Alec Baldwin has gone through a few phases in his acting career (most good, some bad, some involving yelling in phone messages something about a pig…), but could you see the man as the mayor of New York…?  Well, in a few years, you may!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, since the Anthony Weiner Twitter scandal broke, the ’30 Rock’ star has developed a newly reignited passion for the mayoral seat.  A friend of the star told the iPad’s The Daily,

“Alec said, ‘Hey, maybe this changes the race. The dynamics have shifted’.  The Democrats need a high-profile candidate, and Alec can fill that bill.”

Baldwin even seemed like he was dropping a few hints on his own, tweeting this afternoon, “It’s a long way till November of 2013.” And he’s already announced that he will end his career at “30 Rock” as Jack Donaghy in 2012.

So could YOU see Alec Baldwin as your New York City mayor?  If his love for the city is on the same level as his love for the Yankees…maybe it’ll work out…

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